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A broad range of grease resistant/proof, release surface and food interleaving products. We also provide deli, carry-out bag, and sandwich wrapping papers for commercial food service and quick service markets.


Our papers are designed with FDA compliant chemistries and enhanced with mechanical capabilities to achieve specified properties. We offer custom design in our traditional papers and alternative structures that build extra functionality into the sheet.


Typical finished product attributes include:


    Water Resistance

    Range of oil/grease stain resistance

    Release from sticky surfaces

    Fluid/Blood holdout

    Non-charring at high temperatures

    Breathability (air permeable)

Include such materials as:
  To-Go bags for deli applications
  Bakery pan liners
  Bacon layout papers
  Interleavers for food applications (patent pending
  Food release products in Kosher versions
  Deli wrap papers
  Hot dog trays
  Ice Cream cone sleeve papers(patent pending)
  Butcher’s paper
  Microwave popcorn bags
  Microwave french fry packaging
  Pet food bags
  Mold resistant soap wrap
  Rice bags
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