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We have Machine finished and machine glazed converting papers consist of an array of widely differing products, all of them designed for specific needs.

Our base papers and substrates are individually tailored to the specific needs of individual customers through the efforts of our experienced technical staff.

Typical applications include:

    Wax coating
    Film Laminating
    Foil Laminating
    Phenolic Saturation
SBR/NBR Saturating Paper

Include such materials as:
  Creped and flat tape base
  Steel and glass interleaving papers
  Saturating paper for phenolic and water based syst
  Poly coating and other specialty coating base pape
  Specialty flame retarding papers
  High wet strength and water resistant papers
  Solvent and corrosion resistant papers
  Cable wrap
  Tympan papers
  Anti-static papers
  Twisting papers
  Foil laminating papers
  Masking tape used by major manufacturers and homeo
  Battery separators
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